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Vermigold Blogs
Vermigold Blogs

Vermigold Blogs

Thursday, 16 June 2016 18:14

TiECON Silicon Valley 2016, USA

WRITTEN_BY vermigold
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TiECON Silicon Valley 2016, Jaideep Saptarshi at the TiETV lounge at the Santa Clara Convention Centre, USA   Jaideep Saptarshi receiving the TiE Smart Cities Hackathon Prize at TiECON 2016
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Saturday, 21 June 2014 04:17

Energy Globe Award

WRITTEN_BY vermigold
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Vermigold Ecotech has won the 2013 Energy Globe award from India.  The Energy Globe Award is today the world’s most prominent environmental award given annually to outstanding projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies and the conservation of resources.     Mr Jaideep Saptarshi - Executive Director receiving the award from Dr Wolfram Moritz - Austrian Trade Commissioner in New Delhi   Energy Globe Jury nominated Vermigold Ecotech Pvt Ltd in the category "Earth" from over 1000 submissions for the Energy Globe World Award 2013. We were selected among the top 10 finalists from 1000’s of entries worldwide. Mr Jaideep…
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Friday, 02 September 2011 05:28

Green Purchasing Policy

WRITTEN_BY Administrator
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Green purchasing policy is a document that lays out what environmentally safe products your company will buy, from sustainable energy products to non-toxic pest controls. Such a green purchasing policy will help your business toe the environmental line, and grow the bottom line, with sustainable energy, water conservation and many other types of products.Generally, deciding that you’ll buy environmentally safe products ends at the decision; sometimes a firmer commitment is needed. The Green purchasing policy fulfills that needed commitment, as well as setting out standards for your company. Your environmental policy could give a preference to products that have third…
Last modified on Tuesday, 15 November 2011 05:55
Sophisticated Cancer Delivery Systems Saw dust / Wood dust is increasingly being used by composting machines to convert organic waste into compost. Organic waste converters utilise significant amounts of saw dust to be mixed as an additive with waste to convert the organic waste into compost manure through composting. Wood dust is classified as a Group I carcinogen (confirmed cancer causing substance to humans) by the American Cancer Society http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/CancerCauses/OtherCarcinogens/GeneralInformationaboutCarcinogens/known-and-probable-human-carcinogens The US Govt. Department of Health and Human Services – National Toxicology Program has a detailed report on how saw dust or wood dust is a lethal carcinogen (cancer causing…
Last modified on Wednesday, 03 October 2012 12:53